Santana Double Trouble Electric Guitars signature electric guitar

  • Doubleneck with baritone at the bottom
  • Electric Guitars Signature model
  • Created in collaboration with Soren Andersen and Mika Vandborg
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Body shape:

Custom Double Neck

Body material:


Fingerboard material:


Fingerboard radius:


Neck material:





Stacked P90

Tuning machines:



Custom hardcase included



Signature guitar

The Double Trouble is a signature model, which is constructed and designed in close collaboration with the two guitar heros, Mika Vandborg and Soren Andersen. Soren and Mika are the driving forces behind the legendary Danish rock band, Electric Guitars.

Double Trouble – 2 in one

Double Trouble is a double-necked electric guitar with a standard 6-string upper part, which has the same mensur (string length) as a standard electric guitar. As well as a lower part, which is a baritone electric guitar with a long mensur, so it is super playable even though, as a starting point, it is tuned in B.
This gives you the opportunity to play the very low and heavy riffs on the lower part and then go out on a hero solo on the upper part – completely without having to change guitar along the way.

Mika Vandborg and Soren Andersen

This monster of a guitar was born at the request of two of Denmark’s biggest guitar stars, namely Soren Andersen (Glenn Hughes, Jesper Binzer, Mike Tramp and many others) and Mika Vandborg (Gnags, Loveshop, Ida Nielsen and many others), who are both behind the band, Electric Guitars.

Mika and Soren often experienced the challenge of playing tracks that required guitars that were tuned down strongly or decidedly baritone guitars, but at the same time had to contain the hefty guitar solos that the audience expects of them. Therefore, they contacted us, to propose the concept of a combined baritone and regular electric guitar. Instead of the much more well-known combination with a 12-string and a 6-string – and thus started the project with Double Trouble, which will undoubtedly have a significant place in the Danish rock history.

Soren Andersen and Mika Vandborg have been in close collaboration with our technicians and designers all the way from the idea arose. So, they have been the driving forces both during the entire construction and design phase as well as in terms of the guitar’s technical specifications. The paint was also only just dried before Mika and Soren took the first two prototypes of Double Trouble on their big Denmark tour.

Full bottom and airy top

The offset body on Double Trouble is made of American linden wood, also known as basswood. Basswood is known for a strong bass register, a prominent midrange, but also an airy and soft top, which works well with the 4 stacked, high output P90 pickups with which the guitar is mounted. Another reason why Santana Guitars has chosen to use basswood is that it is a light wood that helps to keep the overall weight of the guitar down.

The neck is made of maple wood with a comfortable C profile and mounted with a fingerboard in dark rosewood with medium/jumbo frets and a radius of 12″.
To achieve the best possible voice stability, Double Trouble is fitted with lockable tuners, bone nut and Tune ‘o Matic bridge and stop bar. As double Trouble is a real rock ‘n roll machine, it is of course equipped with strap locks and comes in a shockproof guitar case, so it is ready for many hours on the road and stage.

Problem solver

Double Trouble is a guitar that appeals to a wide range of guitarists as it solves a problem that many struggle with. Namely the challenge of playing both heavy and deep, but at the same time being able to play a solo. Tonally, the guitar covers the entire spectrum from a delicious, rich and pure guitar sound to the powerful, distorted metal sound. The mounted P90 pickups are stacked, which means that they are both quiet and high-performance at the same time.

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Danish guitars

Santana’s electric guitars are designed and developed in Denmark and in this case in a close, exciting and educational collaboration with 2 of Denmark’s most prominent guitarists

Quality strings

All our guitars are equipped from the factory with quality strings. That means your new Santana guitar is ready for hours of fun right out of the box
Santana Double Trouble Electric Guitars signature electric guitar
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