About us

Santana Guitars are designed in Denmark.
The first model from Santana Guitars, officially hit the market in 1973. Professional and enthusiastic guitarists have contributed to characterizing both design and materials throughout the years.

Santana Guitars has carefully selected the types of wood used to create the instruments, to meet the climate in Northern Europe and Scandinavia, where the humidity often is quite high.

Santana Guitars are quality guitars with a nice warm sound at extremely reasonable prices. Dan Music Partner is both a manufacturer and distributor of Santana Guitars. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or inquiries regarding Santana Guitars.

  • 1963There was something missing...

    Santana dates back to 1963, when the largest Danish music wholesaler, Brødrene Jørgensen, wanted something Danish in their range. They had it all: Martin, Gibson, Fender, Roland, Hammond and everything in between. - Missing was some Danish design!
  • 1973Trademark

    In 1973, Santana was officially registered as a trademark. Erhardt Johansen, who was previously employed by Brødrene Jørgensen, subsequently took Santana with him to his own wholesale company Musikengros. Santana - named after Carlos Santana - was made in Japan, and quickly gained high status as they played, sounded absolutely fantastic, and could compete with other guitars in the same price range.
  • 1998New designs

    Kurt Smith started working for Musikengros in 1998, where he helped design some of the models we still sell today. For example, the LA90 series, which is characterized by being a great guitar for beginners.
  • 2011ST-300

    In the year 2011, we wanted to start a new series of Santana acoustic guitars, and therefore applied for the guitar builders from TYMA, who manufactured i.a. Yamaha and Sigma. In collaboration with TYMA, we came up with the well-known ST-300 series.
  • 2021Electric

    Back in the day, Santana also made electric guitars. For many years the focus has solely been on making great, affordable acoustic & classical guitars and ukuleles. In 2021 we finally introduced a range of fantastic electric guitars. All based on traditional designs, but configured and designed specific for the Santana customers.
  • 2022Double trouble

    The Danish guitar heroes from the band "Electric Guitars", Soren Andersen & Mika Vandborg reached out to Santana Guitars to have their new custom double neck made. The half-baritone/half-regular guitar was ready just in time for "Electric Guitars" to hit the road. For now there is only two "Double Trouble" custom guitars in the world, but pre-orders are open now so that you can get your own, one of a kind, double neck electric guitar.
  • 2022Artist & Classical series

    The was something missing in our lineup of guitars: acoustic guitars designed and made for the touring artist. The Artist series and it's 6 different models fixed this missing spot and immediately became a favourite among our artists. The legendary B7 & B8 classical guitars was due for an update and was replaced with the alle new Classical 17, 18 and 20 series.
  • 2023Superb & Player series

    By launching 7 new models in the Superb series and the Player D10, we currently offer a very strong 360 lineup of guitars - electric, acoustic and classical in just about any price range.