ST-300DBK acoustic guitar

Santana ST-300DBK was discontinued in 2021

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This product has been discontinued. Please have a look at all our current guitars & ukuleles.


This product has been discontinued. Please have a look at all our current guitars & ukuleles.

Body shape:



Solid Sitka Spruce

Back & sides:


Fingerboard material:




Neck material:


Nut & saddle material:


Number of frets:





Santana T-200

Tuning machines:



Fitted with EXP D´Addario strings



Santana ST-300DBK was discontinued in 2021

ST-300-DBK is a 6-string electric acoustic guitar with a built-in Santana T-200 two way microphone system. The microphone system offers you the opportunity to plug the guitar directly into an amp or recording devices.
Both amplified and purely acoustic, the Santana ST-300-DBK delivers a large volume with a nice balance between the bass and the treble strings.

Quality materials

The ST-300-DBK is built with a solid spruce deck and the back and sides are made of black walnut. The main advantage of using solid wood is that it is far more resonant, and thus has far better tone than a laminate guitar. In addition, many solid tonewoods (particularly spruce) improves over time as the wood dries out and becomes even more resonant. Black walnut is also a popular wood for guitars. Walnut’s tone is slightly warm, although it still has good sustain and bite.

There is mounted a maple neck on the ST-300-DBK with a Richlite fingerboard. Richlite is a type of composite wood that Santana has developed to avoid the use of endangered species of wood. It delivers the same tonal qualities such as rosewood, which is one of the preferred woods for fingerboards.

Both the nut and the saddle are made out of genuine bone, which by far gives the best contact between the strings and the guitar. Bone is more expensive and complicated to work with compared to artificial materials like plastic. But Santana consider it to be worth the price and the effort. So bone is an important feature on this guitar.

The microphone system

Santana ST-300-DBK is equipped with Santanas own two way microphone system. The T-200 system consists of piezo microphone in the saddle and a condensator microphone placed inside the body of the ST-300-DBK. The combination of the two microphones means, that you get the full advantage of the warm and beautiful sound, that the quality tonewoods produces. You can adjust tone and volume with two knobs placed in the guitars soundhole.

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ST-300DBK acoustic guitar
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