Santana Superb R32 see through black gloss round back acoustic guitar

  • Available later in 2023
  • Built-in microphone system
  • Roundback “Ovation” model
  • Solid Sitka spruce top
  • Scalloped bracing
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Body shape:

Round Back


Solid Spruce

Back & sides:


Neck material:


Fingerboard material:


Nut & saddle material:





See through black


Original Santana Superb

Tuning machines:

Die cast




Built-in tuner, With cutaway

Santana Superb R32 see through black roundback acoustic guitar

With our Santana Superb R32, we have been inspired by a particularly popular guitar design from the 1970s and 80s. This is where the roundback guitar was created, and the distinctive sound and the different design made it widely used both among power pop and -rock musicians, and to a large extent also in the country environment. The narrower body and round back are also easier to get used to for a guitarist who primarily plays electric guitars.

The design is based on the characteristic curved back, which is made of ABS plastic on which a solid spruce top is mounted. This method of construction gives a guitar with a very harmonious, balanced and highly focused sound, which is well suited both as an accompaniment to singers, but to a great extent also for solo playing.
Santana Superb R32 is at the same time very comfortable and easy to play because of its narrower body, the low weight and a very well constructed neck and fingerboard.

The Santana Superb R32 is built with a solid Sitka spruce top mounted on a "bowl" made of ABS plastic. The solid top is essential for a great acoustic guitar and makes it possible to create a guitar that continues to evolve - the sound will become fuller, more defined and more characterful over the years. Yes, the more you play it, the better it will actually sound! And the playability of a Superb R32 is so good that you can play for a long time without tiring your fingers and arms.

So, explore an instrument that will not only stay with you for many years, but one that will help you enjoy playing music itself.

Live and loud

It is especially in live situations that the roundback guitar does particularly well. The ABS body is very sturdy and durable and its high feedback resistance makes it the ideeal acoustic guitar for live use with amplifiers and PA systems. The round back does not have the same tendency to accumulate feedback, which means that you can play very loudly with a Santana Superb R32 on a PA system or an acoustic guitar amplifier without any problems. Unlike traditionally designed acoustic guitars, where feedback can be more difficult to manage and eliminate.
The Santana Superb R32 is also born with a built-in preamp and 2-way microphone system. So, just plug in your jack cable and you're ready to perform!

2 - way microphone system

With our latest microphone system, Superb, which is specially developed for this series of guitars, the Santana Superb R32 is prepared for you to present your music to an audience or practice your music with others. Simply connect the Santana Superb R32 to a PA or acoustic amplifier.
The built-in microphone system also gives you access to record your music directly onto a computer.
The Superb microphone system accurately and authentically captures all the acoustic magic that this guitar produces and delivers a natural acoustic tone. You don't compromise on the guitar's rich, dynamic tone and classic acoustic sound, and you can easily shape your tone according to your own personal preferences with the built-in tone control and the MIC control. The MIC control gives you access to balance the sound between the Santana Superb R32's piezo pickup in the bridge and the condenser microphone that is placed inside the body.

An extra nice and helpful feature is that the Superb preamp has a built-in tuner, so you're ready to play anytime and anywhere in a flash.

Santana Superb R32 see through black gloss round back acoustic guitar
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