Santana Superb D72 see through brown satin acoustic guitar

  • Available later in 2023
  • Built-in microphone system
  • Solid Sitka spruce top
  • Dreadnought body shape
  • With cutaway
  • Beautiful satin finish
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Body shape:



Solid Spruce

Back & sides:


Neck material:


Fingerboard material:


Nut & saddle material:





See through brown satin


Original Santana Superb

Tuning machines:

Die cast




Built-in tuner, With cutaway

Santana Superb D72 brown acoustic guitar

Santana Superb D72 is a 6-string acoustic guitar with an immediate and recognizable sound as built in a design based on the classic combination of a solid Sitka spruce top, mahogany sides and bottom and the Dreadnought shaped body. The solid top is essential for a great acoustic guitar and makes it possible to create a guitar where the sound continues to evolve - the sound will become fuller, more defined and more characterful over the years. Yes, the more you play it, the better it will actually sound. And the playability of a Superb D72 is so good that you can play for a long time without tiring your fingers and arms.
The Santana Superb D72 is also built with a cutaway so you have easier access to the higher frets.

So, discover an instrument that will not only evolve with you over the years, but one that will help you enjoy playing music itself.

All round and popular

Santana Superb D72 has a traditional Dreadnought body, which is an old guitar design that has proven its worth for decades. The Dreadnought model is the most successful and widespread design in the guitar world, and is today so in demand that over 90% of all acoustic guitars are built according to this recipe.
The Santana Superb D72 offers the classic and well-known sound and volume that makes the Dreadnought guitar so popular. Guitarists appreciate the Dreadnought guitar for its huge dynamics, as well as its authentic warmth and distinctive punch. And the singer/songwriters especially loves the Dreadnought because it offers a very suitable volume to accompany singing.
Dreadnought guitars have a powerful volume with a naturally deep bass, a crisp treble and a clear midrange that responds equally well to picks and fingerpicking. So, the Santana Superb D72 can handle almost any genre of music you want to tackle, making it the obvious companion into the world of music.

For the stage and the home studio

With our latest microphone system, Superb, which is specially developed for this series of guitars, the Santana Superb D72 is prepared for you to present your music to an audience or practice your music with others - simply connect the Santana Superb D72 to a PA or acoustic amplifier.
The Superb microphone system also gives you access to record your music directly onto a computer.
Our Superb microphone system accurately and authentically captures all the acoustic magic that this guitar produces and delivers a natural acoustic sound. You don't compromise on the guitar's rich, dynamic tone and classic acoustic sound.
You can easily shape your tone according to your own personal preferences with the built-in tone control and the MIC control, which gives you access to blend between the Santana Super D72's piezo pickup in the bridge and the condenser microphone placed inside the guitars body.

Santana Superb D72 see through brown satin acoustic guitar
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